About the Crack Oar

The Crack Oar team has been bringing home fish for over 18 years and has a home port of Greenwich, CT. For the past 6 years the Crack Oar platform has been a 2007 50’ Ocean Yacht. Paul Hiller and Jeff Woerz can be found in Montauk, NY for most of the summer chasing down sharks, tuna and marlin. During the winter the Crack Oar or a sister ship heads south to West Palm Beach, FL and takes the crew for regular trips to the Bahamas for Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin. Other trips the Crack Oar targets sailfish locally taking advantage of the close proximity of the Gulf Stream. The boys sure like the short run sometimes to just outside the inlet where they are able to hook up with nice sailfish as opposed to the long 80+ mile runs to the canyons in the northeast.

Crew of the Crack Oar

Crew of the Crack Oar

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