Kevin Albohn – Greenhorn – Lifelong fisherman with multiple trips offshore, Kevin lives in Newtown, CT with his wife and 3 dogs. He has been a police officer for 5 years and spent the last 4 years on the Marine Unit. He is almost as addicted to deer and turkey hunting as he is fishing, and when he is not in the woods or on the water he is found at the motocross course. Most men would be happy to have a wife who wants to fish, hunt and ride with them. What they don’t know is he got yelled at for LEAVING her home for these trips.

Mike Cosmos – Greenhorn – New to offshore fishing, however he has gained a great deal of experience while out on his new boat, with only his wife attempting to catch sharks. Mike is a childhood friend of Trey’s and owns a pool construction business. Mike must be using chemicals daily as he is out of his mind!

Pat Daly – 1/2 Crew 1/2 Landlubber – This is Pat’s first shark tournament, though he’s been offshore fishing for over 12 years. He lives in Greenwich, CT and married to the mother of his twin 18 year old boys and 11 year old daughter for 21 years. He was introduced to the sport when Owner Jeff Woerz started dating then married his niece. When not breaking things on the boat, losing fish or expensive lures, you can find him hanging over the side of the boat getting seasick or in other words “chumming”. Motto: When I puke…the Crack Oar catches fish”.

Brian Diehl – Crewhand – An avid angler all his life, Brian has fished with Jeff and Paul the longest. He lives in Shelton, CT with his wife and 2 little girls (Irish Twins), one of which was born May 28, 2013, the second, one year, one month and one day earlier. His desire to be offshore outweighed being knee deep in diapers and screaming babies.

Tyler Hiller – Jr Crewhand – Tyler has grown up fishing for sharks and tuna offshore Montauk, NY as well as earned an early education on many spring break nights at the ripe age of 13 with the crew in the Bahamas. He is a young man with knowledge beyond his years if you can only get him to focus on the task at hand. Tyler has been the top angler for largest shark in several tournaments over the years. He just finished his freshman year at Arcadia University where he plays lacrosse and acted as host of a strand of mononucleosis spreading among the coed population. There are many dads out there who would like to see Tyler used as chum.

Trey O’Connell – Crewhand – Lifelong fisherman and regular crew member of the Crack Oar for the past 7 years. Normally a mortgage banker in Greenwich, CT, who enjoys boating, surfing, snowboarding and occasionally the late night streak.




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